Welcome Friends!

Welcome to the Heart of Texas Water Garden and Pond Society!

The purposeĀ of the HOTWGPS is to promote, create and expand interest in the hobby of Water Gardening and Ponding, to disseminate information about Water Gardens and Ponds, and to engage in educational and social activities related to Water Gardening and Ponding.

If you have an interest in water gardening and the care and feeding of water plants, fish and other aquatic life, this is the group for you! And if you also enjoy good food and conversation, then you’re a perfect fit! Members of the HOTWGPS come from all walks of life; young and not-so-young, retired or working two jobs, experienced ponders and gardeners to novices with their first 100 gallon water garden to those who simply enjoy ponds and water gardens and dream of one of their own some day.

We hope you will take the time to find out more about this fine group of people who want to share a hobby they love with everyone in the area. You may already have a pond, or want to build one, or just enjoy the beauty of ponds and maybe even hope to eventually have one in the future. Well then, this is the group for you. Come and have a good time and learn “ponding from the ponders” in the Heart of Texas, it is never too early to start planning a pond!

How would you like this view every morning?

Join the HOTWGPS and find out how to make one fit in your back yard!

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